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Cornell University

Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Graduated May 2016

GPA: 3.8

Cornell University

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Graduated May 2015

GPA: 3.6, Major GPA 3.8

August 2017 to Present

I'm currently working on a prototype robotics project for Ultra Motion, which designs and manufactures high precision linear actuators. My project covers the mechanical design and programming of a Stewart-Gough Platform. I determined an optimal design geometry for the intended actuators by using an inverse kinematics test to model the platform workspace, and then designed the base and platform in Solidowrks. The robot motion is programmed in Python. For more details see my page on this project.

I am also developing the programming for an automated linear actuator testing bench, which runs a battery of tests on a new actuator to measure accuracy, force output, backlash, and other performance characteristics. This project uses a load cell, and an external quadrature encoder with an Arduino to keep track of encoder counts, in addition to the testing and loading actuators and the host computer (Raspberry Pi), which coordinates tests, post processes data, and generate a PDF report to go with each actuator. Sensors communicate using serial connections

Engineering Experience
Advanced Coursework
Other Experience

Computer Languages and Utilities:

Matlab, Python, C++, Java, NI LabView, ROS, Linux Shell, Git


Solidworks, ANSYS, LaTeX, LabView, Microsoft Office, Photoshop

Operating Systems:

Mac OS X, Linux, Windows


Extensive 3D Printing Experience with Objet and Prusa 3D Printers

Electronics and Microprocessors:

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Digital Electronics, Soldering



Mill, Lathe, General Tools



Digital Photography

June 2016 - August 2016

In this position I oversaw the entire junior sailing program, consisting of more than 100 students (ages 5-17), and managed 10 instructors. Other duties included organizing and developing the program curriculum, planning and organizing regattas, race coaching, BBQ’s, and other events. I have held other positions at Old Cove Yacht Club including Head Instructor 2012, and Instructor 2009-2011.

I completed the following advanced coursework at Cornell University, in addition to the typical mechanical engineering coursework.

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • Robotic Manipulation

  • Intermediate and Advanced Dynamics

  • Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures

  • FEA Analysis of Mechanical and Aerospace Structures

  • Feedback and Controls

  • Automotive Engineering

Mechanical/Robotics Engineer at Ultra Motion

January 2014 to May 2016

While at Cornell I worked on a research project targeted at analyzing the vortex dynamics and unsteady flows around thin membrane foils, specifically focussing on dynamic motions used in Olympic Level sailing. Olympic sailors use their bodyweight to induce dynamic motions in their sails. These motions are known to improve performance, but how this actually works is not well understood. The primary goal of this research was to better understand these motions using a combination of on-the-water testing with a host of difference sensors and laboratory experiments using the FDRL towing tank. Some of my major contributions to this project are:

  • Presented talk at the 2015 American Physical Society, Division of Fluid Mechanics Conference

  • Designed and fabricated new experimental equipment to implement a rotational degree of freedom in precision towing tank experiments

  • Developed LabView Control Programs to utilize new experimental apparatus

  • Managed projects for undergraduate research assistant

  • Handled logistics of on the water testing of competitive racing techniques

August 2015 - June 2016

While volunteering in this position I helped the team execute practice plans and drills on the water. I provided individualized coaching for sailors at varsity regattas and practices, and also managed the team's social media accounts. Previously I had been a team member from 2011-2015.

Junior Sailing Director at Old Cove Yacht Club
Cornell Varsity Sailing Volunteer Assistant Coach
Greenhouse Automation Technician at Emma's Garden Growers

June 2016 - Present

In this position I am responsible for maintenance and calibration of a Visser automated planting robot. I also have other roles within this company including plant photography for advertising, occasional delivery runs to customers, and other general maintenance. 

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